Horizontal Impact Test Systems


Horizontal Impact Test System - HITS These precision testing machines are used to simulate the horizontal shock effects of rail switching, truck docking, and other types of horizontal impacts. Our standard HITS models are specifically designed to test in accordance with ASTM D4169 Schedule J, "Performance Testing of Shipping Containers and Systems," and ASTM D4003 "Controlled Horizontal Impact Test for Shipping Containers," as well as other corporate, industry and government specifications.

Custom HITS are available that can meet the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) published Cargo Securement Rules, or can replicate much higher intensity horizontal impacts associated with crash or explosive events.

TouchTest HITS Controls

Horizontal Impact Test System - HITS TouchTest HITS are designed with test efficiency and ease of use in mind. From an LCD touch screen, the user can setup and initiate the test quickly and easily. Simple touch screen menus enable the user to make convenient adjustments to machine settings and provide total control of the Lansmont HITS during operation.

TouchTest HITS Features:
• One-button operation to reduce test cycle time
• Auto cycle control mode to allow multiple, uninterrupted impacts
• Shock pulse estimator function to set up machine based on desired shock pulse
• Programmable safety interlocks to ensure a safe working environment
• Digital sled retract and pressure control for optimal pulse accuracy and repeatability

TouchTest HITS communicate seamlessly with Lansmont’s Test Partner™ Data Acquisition System, a Windows-based software system. Test Partner™ includes powerful analysis tools, such as Shock Response Spectrum (SRS) analysis, FFT analysis, shock response animation in both 2D and 3D modes, Shock Response analysis with programmable model natural frequency (Fn) and damping, and tolerance band overlays with selectable MIL-STD and programmable pulse parameters. TouchTest HITS are an incredibly reliable control system, which combined with Test Partner™ for analyzing your shock events, makes up an extraordinarily powerful set of tools for shock testing.


Horizontal Impact Test System - HITS The carriage is a rigid weldment with a solid horizontal surface and an integral vertical impact surface (“bulkhead”) at the forward end. The vertical structure simulates the end of a railcar or trailer, and is designed to resist the horizontal impact loads of packages and products. Each of the surfaces (horizontal and vertical) are fitted with threaded inserts for the mounting and securing of test specimens. Both the horizontal surface and the vertical bulkhead surface are covered with varnished plywood laminate, attached with flathead screws at all of the insert locations. When this plywood becomes degraded and damaged after prolonged use, it may be replaced to renew both the appearance and function of the carriage.

Guide System

Horizontal Impact Test System - HITS Two precision guide rails secured to C-beams provide the horizontal support and guidance for the HITS carriage. Zero clearance recirculating ball bearings on the carriage allow the carriage to travel smoothly along the guide rails. The bearings are mounted underneath the carriage, resulting in a system with zero clearance specimen surface side access; the widest part of the system is the side of the carriage itself.

Accelerating System

Horizontal Impact Test System - HITS The carriage is accelerated by a long-stroke pneumatic cylinder, the rod of which is permanently attached underneath the carriage. Before a test, the air supply is isolated from this cylinder and both ends are vented to atmosphere, making the carriage completely passive and safe to be approached for specimen loading and/or inspection. The brakes are also applied under these conditions, for additional safety. Just before a test, a large valve is operated to connect the aft end of the cylinder to a pre-charged air reservoir. When the brakes are released to initiate a test, air flows into the cylinder, the rod extends, and the carriage is accelerated to the desired velocity.

Seismic Reaction Mass

Horizontal Impact Test System - HITS The seismic reaction mass is a massive, solid steel structure which rides on rails and bearing which are independent from the carriage. It is restrained by a snubbing cylinder specially designed for the purpose. The seismic mass serves to isolate the high shock forces from the floor so that no large concrete foundation or buttressbackstop is required.

Shock Pulse Programmers - Trapezoidal Waveform Programming Kit

Horizontal Impact Test System - HITS This programmer design simulates a variety of cushioned draft gear railcar impacts or other low amplitude, long duration events. It consists of a pneumatic cylinder mounted to the seismic mass, a plunger with elastomer modules mounted to the carriage’s vertical bulkhead, and a pressure controller. The plunger and elastomers control the rise and decay of the trapezoidal pulse, and the cylinder controls the acceleration level, according to its internal pressure.

Shock Pulse Programmers - Half Sine Programming Kit

Horizontal Impact Test System - HITS This programmer kit simulates a variety of standard draft gear railcar impacts or other relatively high amplitude, short duration events. It includes elastomer modules which mount to the seismic mass and/or to the front of the carriage, and which may be combined in various ways to achieve the desired pulses.