Field Data Recorder

Saver 3X90

Measurement Class Instrument

The award winning SAVER™ 3X90 is a "best in class" Field Data Recorder that combines everything you need into a single small package. This self-powered instrument provides 16 bit resolution, internal tri-axial accelerometer, temperature and humidity sensors, USB connectivity, and you can turn it loose to operate in the field.

The SAVER™ 3X90 is powered with user replaceable 9V lithium (or alkaline) batteries and provides continuous operation in the field for up to 90 days.  The instrument samples continuously and records data to flash memory when the signal exceeds a desired threshold.  Data can also be triggered to record at user selectable wakeup intervals.  This methodology offers two virtual instruments operating concurrently within a single unit - to provide both signal triggered and timer triggered events.  Signal triggered events focus on times of activity (i.e. the times when things are happening) and the timer triggered events provide a framework to interpret the overall data set.

The SAVER™ 3X90 saves data with timestamps, acceleration time histories, temperature, humidity, and includes optional GPS capabilities.  SaverXware can be used to analyze this data and provide information about drop height, impacts, vehicle motion, vibration, temperature and humidity cycles, and spatial awareness.

The SAVER™ 3X90 is a jack of all trades and it performs well in all of them.

Measurement and analysis applications:

  • Full Waveform Recorder
  • User-Programmable Sampling Rates (up to 5,000 samples per second)
  • User-Programmable Trigger Threshold
  • Pre-Trigger Recording (so you know what happened before the event took place)
  • 90-Day Continuous Event Recorder
  • Alarm LED Indicator
  • Push button, delayed start or instantaneous activation
  • USB interface for sending setups, determining instrument status, and data download
  • Utilizes SaverXware Software for Setup, Communication and Data Analysis
  • Characterize products distribution, storage and in-use environments and assess liability
  • Prognostic health monitoring of assets
  • Audit transport carriers and monitor their performance


TSD-1 Torque Screwdriver (used to change batteries)
MHK-1 Mounting Hardware Kit
MMB-2 Magnetic Mount Bracket

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