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Used Equipment

Lansmont Equipment and Instruments are built to last. From time to time, Lansmont is able to acquire older systems which we then refurbish and resell at a discounted price. Any used Equipment or Instruments are factory-certified and include a limited warranty. Available systems are listed here on this page.

122 Shock Test System

The Model 122 Shock Test System payload capacity and large table size make it a versatile platform for testing larger products or for testing multiple items simultaneously. The optional heavyweight version increases the maximum payload from 750 lbs. (340 kg) to 2500 lbs. (1135 kg). Four Damage Boundary Programmers are provided to generate short duration half sine and long duration trapezoidal shock pulses used for a wide range of shock tests.

The Model 122 includes a TouchTest Shock 2 Table Top Control Console. For a complete controller and data acquisition package, TTS2 communicates seamlessly with Test Partner Data Acquisition Systems. TTS2 makes your shock system safe to use and easy to operate.


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