56th Annual Munitions Fuze Conference

Fuze_System_300v2Lansmont Shock Systems have many applications – but perhaps the main function – is to assess the fragility and / or survivability of products and components. Lansmont was founded in 1971 to apply Shock Response work done at the Naval Postgraduate School to the commercial world. Now the technology is going full circle and coming home again to be applied to vehicle and munitions testing for the defense industry. Our 41 years of experience in the shock testing field is proving a valuable resource for the defense research community.

For many military applications the ability to survive extreme events is absolutely critical – but perhaps the pinnacle of extreme is the development of intelligent munition fuzes. The HSX20 Shock System installed at the United States Air Force Research Lab at Eglin AFB is designed to simulate these extreme dynamic events by performing controlled and repeatable shock test at impact speeds up to 100 mph.

The NDIA Fuze Conference is an annual event and provides an excellent opportunity to meet with Lansmont. We’d be happy to share our experience and talk with you about how our technology might benefit the development of next generation fuzing. “Next Generation Fuzing for Next Generation Weapons” is the theme of this year’s conference which is being held May 14 – 16 at the Hilton Baltimore.