84th Shock & Vibration Symposium

Lansmont sponsored the 84th Shock & Vibration Symposium held in Atlanta last week. This annual event is an opportunity for experts in the shock and vibration community to discuss new technology and on-going research.

Lansmont Field-to-Lab Test Partner 4.

Lansmont showcased our technical expertise by exhibiting our Testing Equipment and Instruments during the conference. The highlight of our exhibit was the new Test Partner 4 (TP4), our latest generation data acquisition system. The system incorporates a host controller for processing and analyzing data from 8-channel analog card(s) with built-in signal conditioning to support IEPE type sensors or perform event detection. Analog channels can be configured with sample rates up to 2.5MHz providing versatility to acquire data attributed to drop, shock, and impacts, as well as pyro-shock and blast impact events where high frequency energies are present.

During the Symposium, Lansmont conducted a tutorial on Damage Boundary Shock Testing. The one hour session focused on practical applications of shock fragility assessment as well as highlighting new shock testing technology that facilitates more efficient and effective product testing methods.Damage Boundary Shock Testing session from Lansmont.

Please contact us if you would like to hear more about the highlights from the Shock & Vibration Symposium. We look forward to participating in the 85th Shock & Vibration Symposium next year!