Accessorize your SAVER

SAVER Mounting Kits
Vehicle and structural measurements are common applications for our SAVER Field Instruments. When mounting your SAVER’s to these surfaces, it is important to establish a secure interface to ensure quality, noise-free dynamic measurements. Lansmont offers mounting kits for all our SAVER models to make it easier to attach your SAVER’s to the vehicle or structure that you intend to measure or monitor. The kits include mounting plates and an assortment of attachment hardware. If you’re able to attach your SAVER to a ferrous surface, our magnetic mounting kit is the best non-intrusive method of ensuring a rigid installation.

SAVER data loggers with mounting kits.

Extended Battery Life
Long-term measurement and monitoring applications are possible with the SAVER 3X90 and 9X30 models. We offer External Power Accessories to significantly increase the run time for your SAVER 3X90’s and 9X30’s. The additional battery power for the SAVER 3X90 increases the run time by 180 days. For the SAVER 9X30, we offer two battery packs that will increase the run time by either 80 days or 150 days.

SAVER data recorder with external power accessory.