ASTM D4169 Random Vibration Profile Update

After a significant effort, ASTM has updated the Truck profile called upon within D4169, Standard Practice for Performance Testing of Shipping Containers and Systems. There are now three profiles, with siASTM_Truck_Profilesmilar shapes, but differing Grms levels that users will run sequentially to complete the recommended test duration. Those profiles are:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

ASTM created a document, which explains the rationale for the overall update, as well as the specific changes associated with the updated:

  • PSD profile shape
  • PSD profile intensities
  • PSD test durations

Download that rationale document by clicking: ASTM D4169 Random Vibration Update Rationale – 09/16


Lansmont is including a download link for Lansmont TouchTest Vibration users, where they can download the new profiles in the appropriate TTV format (.PRN).

Download link to compressed/zipped TTV Random Profiles: Updated D4169 Truck Profiles

To purchase and download a complete version of the ASTM D4169 Test Procedure, please visit ASTM directly at:

  1. After downloading the zipped file, open the file and extract the three Lansmont TTV PRN random profiles.
  2. Locate Touch Test Vibration folder – Usually C:\TTV2
  3. Copy downloaded PRN files to C:\TTV2\DmdProRnd
  4. Launch TTV Software
  5. Enter Random Vibration module
  6. Open Test Queue – new profiles should now show up in the list.

From here, you’ll need to add the Low, Medium and High profiles into your Test Queue sequentially, then save the Test Q accordingly. See the video below, walking you through the TTV Test Q creation process…