Available Now! New PDT handheld controller

Precision Drop Tester (PDT) handheld controller.We’ve developed a new handheld controller for our unique, easy-to-use Precision Drop Testers. If you are familiar with the “ED” controller, you will find it a simple transition to the new ruggedized design. It incorporates a rubber bumper and new features to improve the productivity, efficiency, and reliability of our PDT’s.

The new controller is included with all new PDT-56ED and heavyweight drop testers.

For existing PDT equipped with a legacy “ED” controller, the switch-over process is an easy plug-and-play exercise. Attach the new controller, complete a simple user setup and calibration routine, and you are up and running.

PDT Handheld Controller:

  • Improved LED display that simultaneously indicates both current and desired drop height settings.
  • Faster controller functions for setting drop heights.
  • New LED indicators incorporated with controller buttons to guide user through drop sequence.
  • A new single drop function that allows user to perform one drop from any height the platen is currently set.
  • A new drop height step function allows operators to define a height increment to add or subtract the current set drop height.
  • New lightweight, cushioned controller case for improved durability in laboratory environments.