Billie the Box

Billerud logo.Shipping safely from Point A to B can be a challenge in today’s global supply chain. But what if your package had to make numerous stops around the globe? That makes for a much more complex test of a package’s integrity. Billerud BoxLab decided to take on such a challenge to promote their packaging material and design capabilities. And just to make things a little more interesting, they decided to package crystal champagne glasses.

Billerud, a packaging paper and sustainable packaging solutions provider located in Sweden, designed a corrugated package to survive a 12-stop journey around the world. The package, known as “Billie the Box”, started out at the BoxLab in Grums, Sweden and from there will make stops in England, Germany, Spain, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, US, Argentina, China, and France.

Billerud, "Billie the Box", packaging test.

To understand what Billie experiences along his journey, a Lansmont SAVER 3X90 (embedded in the package) is recording the dynamic and environmental conditions—vibrations, impacts temperature, relative humidity.

Billie is doing a little sightseeing at each destination so the total trip will take over 100 days. Anyone would need to “recharge” during such a long journey and when Billie stopped at Lansmont (Stop #8), we assisted with that very thing—literally. We replaced the SAVER 3X90 batteries when the package arrived in Monterey so it will record what happens on the rest of the journey.

Lansmont would like to extend a special thank you to Billerud for asking us to take part in this interesting and unique measurement project.