Cargo Securement: Simulating Lateral Accelerations

Cargo Securement Rules exist to reduce the risk of accidents resulting from freight shifting or falling off the truck during transport. Our Engineering Group developed a new type of Horizontal Impact Test System (HITS) to replicate the three types of lateral accelerations that affect load stability—braking, lateral acceleration around curves, and rearward acceleration. Lansmont is pleased to announce that this custom HITS has reached its new home at Fraunhofer IML in Dortmund, Germany.

Horizontal Impact Test System (HITS) built for Fraunhofer IML.


Fraunhofer IML, one of the premier logistics testing facilities in the world, celebrated the Grand Opening of their remodeled laboratory facilities on June 12. Their new HITS was a featured attraction for their laboratory showcase. Lansmont’s EMEA Sales Manager, Bart Feys, attended this ceremony to give a presentation on the development of this new machine and its testing capabilities.

Unlike a conventional HITS system that only simulates horizontal shock events, the new machine design is capable of simulating lateral accelerations and decelerations in addition to the traditional shock pulse capabilities. Fraunhofer IML’s HITS performs all the dynamic tests needed to confirm compliance with cargo securement rules worldwide and in particular the requirements of road transport per Germany’s VDI 2700 guideline.

Fraunhofer IML HITS Performance Specifications:Fraunhofer IML logo.

Maximum Payload

  • 1500 kg (3,308 lbs.)

Horizontal Shock Impacts

  • 12g, 10 – 20 msec
  • 4g, 100 – 150 msec

Horizontal Acceleration

  • 0.05 – 0.20g

Horizontal Deceleration

  • 0.20 – 1.0g

If you would be interested to learn more about these cargo securement requirements and the new HITS equipment to simulate lateral accelerations and horizontal shock impacts, please contact me for additional information.