Drop Tester Product Updates

Lansmont has completed a comprehensive update to our PDT Drop Tester Products. We now offer a complete range of performance across a broad range of test product size and weight.

The PDT 80 and PDT 80M (80M-manually positioned drop assembly) are Lansmont’s entry-level drop test systems, both possessing a maximum payload capacity of 80 kg. Lansmont now offers a two week lead time on “standard” configured PDT 80 and 80M models.

In the middle we now offer the PDT 300, geared towards customers who need additional performance due to increased package size and weight. With this system, we offer optionally extended drop carriage sizes, baseplate sizes and even payload capacities above the standard 300 kg.

For custom drop testing applications requiring heavyweight capacity, we now offer a PDT 700 to our standard product offerings. This system can not only handle large packages, but also returnable knock-down plastic and steel bulk containers weighing as much as 700 kg.

Note that all hoist-operated systems (PDT 80, 300, 700) use our new Handheld Control. For existing PDT equipped with a legacy “ED” controller, the switch-over process is an easy plug-and-play exercise. Attach the new controller, complete a simple user setup and calibration routine, and you are up and running.

Lastly, for extremely large and heavy testing needs, Lansmont continues to offer our QR 3000 Quick Release Hook, providing the ability to drop unitized loads weighing as much as 3,000 lb.