ELViS Finds a New Home in Memphis

ELViS has a new home in Memphis. Elvis Presley, the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, lived at the famous Graceland. ELViS, the vibration system, will reside about 10 miles away at Christian Brothers University (CBU) Packaging Lab.

ELViS traveled to Memphis from Michigan State’s School of Packaging. CBU wanted to add a larger vibration system to their lab. Since MSU predominantly uses their Model 10000 Vibration System, they offered ELViS to CBU. Adding ELViS to the CBU lab enhances their ability to teach and perform distribution testing. Now things are All Shook Up at CBU!!

ELViS stands for Entry Level Vibration System. It is a self-contained vibration machine that Lansmont manufactured in cooperation with Team Corporation. The unique design incorporates the hydraulic fluid reservoir and pump unit into the base of the vibration tester which reduces the overall footprint of the test system.

Entry Level Vibration System (ELViS).