Equipment to Test 4-Ton Payload

When we recommend equipment to a customer, we take the size and weight of your test specimens into consideration. Testing an 8 foot long, 8,000 lb. product is not your typical case though. For a recent customer inquiry, Lansmont designed new high performance vibration and shock system models to test a 4-ton payload.

The new vibration system, Lansmont’s Model 56000, has a rather unique feature—it is really two vibration systems in one. The required 48 x 96 in. testing surface was achieved by mounting two vibration systems with 48 in. tables side by side (see photo below). The two systems work in unison to test heavy payloads on the combined 48 x 96 in. table surface. The systems can also be used individually to test lighter payloads out to 500 Hz.

The new Model 122/213 Shock System also incorporates some custom design features. Simply put, this shock system needed to be able to generate (and withstand!) impacts equivalent to dropping a 4-ton payload from about 3 feet. You don’t need to be good at math to know that that’s going to be a big impact to survive…not to mention repeating it over and over again!

These two unique models give us some new options for custom, high performance applications in the future. If you are looking to tackle a similar test application, please let us know!