Huge Table; 300 Hz. Performance!

When we configure a vibration system, we consider the size and weight of the largest test item and the performance capability needed to perform the testing specifications. For product testing applications, most inquiries are for small and light test items that require high performance testing OR large and heavy items that require lower performance, relatively speaking.Plasma screen television. However, on occasion our customers have large and heavy test items that also require high performance testing capability. For instance, LCD flat panels continue to grow in size, yet have to meet challenging environmental and transport test requirements to assure quality and reliability. We see these challenges as opportunities, allowing our Engineering Group to do what they do best–custom system design.


Custom 210 x 250 cm vibration table built by Lansmont.

For a recent customer order, Lansmont was challenged to design and build an extremely large vibration table capable of 300 Hz. frequency performance. The table dimensions are 210 x 250 cm which provides a massive testing platform that is roughly 7 feet by 8 feet! Typically the larger the table, the more difficult it is to achieve high frequency performance, due to related structural table resonances. For this table design–the largest cast table we have built to date–we used a unique aluminum alloy, which helped to provide the strength and rigidity necessary to push the table’s first resonant frequency well above 300 Hz.

If you have a testing application that requires similar performance and/or would like to learn more about this new system design, please let us know!