Instrumented Drop Testing (ASTM D6537)

Engineers are curious people by nature. We like figures and charts and graphs. We like data. But when it comes to performing a drop test or some other sort of impact simulation, often we perform those tests without instrumentation. All we learn from that is either the test item survived or it didn’t. To optimize a design, we need more information.

Graph of input shock and cushioned response during drop test.

Instrumenting a packaged product when simulating shipping and handling impacts provides us that data. This is the information we need to quantify a package’s ability to protect the product. ASTM D4169 is commonly referenced for the drop or impact testing we use to simulate a distribution environment. ASTM also provides guidance for collecting data during these types of tests. ASTM D6537 outlines a process for how to perform instrumented package shock testing.

Lansmont’s Test Partner is the perfect solution for collecting, analyzing, reporting and managing shock and impact data. Heck, that’s what it’s designed for! If you would like to learn more about enhancing your testing with instrumentation, please let us know.