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SAVER Data Logger
Introducing the Test Partner™ 4 data acquisition system.
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SAVER™ Shock and Vibration Data Loggers

SAVER Environmental Shock and Vibration Data Loggers can measure and store thousands of triaxial acceleration time-history events. The collected data allows for the assessment and characterization of the dynamic characteristics of various transport and in-use environments. SAVERs are self-powered data loggers that provide 16-bit resolution, an internal triaxial accelerometer, along with temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure tilt and light sensors. All communication with the SAVERs occurs via USB connectivity. All SAVER data includes time-domain waveforms with programmable pre-trigger, SRS (Shock Response Spectra), PSD (Power Spectral Density), and optional GPS spatial and situational data awareness.

Test Partner

Test Partner has always set the standard for computer-based acquisition and analysis of data from dropshock, and impact events. Test Partner provides the versatility to acquire simultaneous, high frequency events, as well as detecting events where discontinuities occur within electrical connections of devices subjected to dynamic input conditions.

Test partner 4 data acquisition and analysis device.

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