ISTA China Packaging Symposium September 18-20

ISTA China Packaging Symposium 2012.This year’s ISTA China Packaging Symposium will be held in Suzhou City on September 18-20. Lansmont, the Platinum sponsor for this event, will be well represented during this informative international program. Our Vice President of Technology, Mr. Eric Joneson, and our Asia Manager, Mr. David Jin, will both be speaking during the symposium.

Eric Joneson will provide an update on the PRC-PSD Vehicle Random Vibration Study that Lansmont and China Packaging Research and Test Center (CPRTC) have been working on to create a China National Random Vibration Standard. The results from this study will greatly improve the vibration testing specifications utilized by the China Standards community as well as other prominent global standards organizations such as ISTA.

When deciding how best to utilize ISTA test procedures to evaluate the performance of your packaged product systems, it is important to understand the range and complexity of the Test Series and the corresponding equipment performance requirements. To provide our insight into this process, David Jin will review the Selection of Proper Test Equipment and Performance for ISTA Test Procedures, highlighting the key performance characteristics potential users should consider before selecting their laboratory equipment.

If you would be interested in attending the ISTA China Packaging Symposium, please feel free to contact us with your request and we’ll follow-up accordingly.