Lansmont Exhibits at UK Automotive Testing Show and Expo

Lansmont, along with NVT Group members Team and Data Physics, will participate in the first Automotive Testing Show and Expo, which will take place December 8th and 9th at the Millbrook Proving Grounds, located in Bedford, United Kingdom.

Continuous growth and development of the UK as a leading advanced engineering hub, has led to the creation of the UK edition of Automotive Testing Show. The event will take place at Millbrook Proving Ground which has an exhibition hall complete with conference venue well placed in the middle of a major testing centre & proving ground.

See us at Stand 210 to learn about our…

  • Single and Multi-Degree of Freedom Vibration Systems for NVH Testing
  • Single and Multi-Shaker Test System Controls
  • Crash and Impact Test Systems
  • High-Fidelity Autonomous Shock and Vibration Data Acquisition Systems

NVT Group automotive testing products.