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U.S. Army – Mortar Plate Test System Produces Extreme Forces

The Challenge

  • Mortar baseplates experience a significant amount of force and abuse when deployed in the field.
  • New designs to lighten “humping” loads on our soldiers are driving the use of more exotic baseplate materials and designs.
  • The US Army needed a more effective an reliable method of testing their new mortar baseplate designs.
  • To proof test new mortar baseplate designs, U.S. Army RDECOM needed a “shock” system to generate a maximum force of 337 kips (kilo inch‐pounds).
  • Cycle rate of 10 impacts per minute

Mortar being fired.

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Mortar Baseplate Test System (MBTS).

The Solution

  • Lansmont designed and delivered a new Mortar Plate Test System (MPTS)
  • Pneumatically fires a “bullet” into the baseplate to create the desired force profile.
  • Interchangeable masses to achieve desire pulses for different mortar systems.
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