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Case Study – Sea Launch Ocean Transport Measurement

The Challenge

  • Sea Launch is a multi‐national joint venture company that provides spacecraft launch service from a mobile sea launch platform.
  • Rocket components are manufactured in Russia, Seattle, and the Ukraine, and assembled in Long Beach. Assembled rockets are then shipped to launch site.
  • Critical to evaluate shipping conditions that components and assembled rockets must endure during shipment.

Diagram of sea launch platform.

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Sea Launch Ocean Transport.

The Solution

  • Lansmont SAVER’s with DC accelerometer instrumentation were used to record dynamic conditions during Sea Launch test shipments.
  • Predominant frequency range was 0.10 Hz ‐ 0.15 Hz (overall Grms of approximately 0.015).
  • Cradle design was evaluated utilizing data collected during study. Rolling motion could be damaging to assembled rockets.
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