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Case Study- US Army Acquires Vertical IED Blast Simulator

The Challenge

  • The US Army needed outside expertise in delivering a vertical impact test system which could simulate the vertical energy associated with IED explosions, originating from underneath a vehicle, in a controlled laboratory environment.

Virtual explosion near a military vehicle.

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Vertical Impact Test System used to simulate IED blasts.

The Solution

  • Lansmont designed the VITS (Vertical Impact Test System), called Crew Seating Blast Effects Simulator (CSBES) by the Army Research Lab.
  • Stationary table impacted by a 1,200 lb bullet fired by a pneumatic piston.
  • Enough energy to drive the table with a 650 anthromorphic dummy 7 meters per second.
  • Three programmed impacts per event:
    1. Initial impact to the feet area
    2. Main shock event to table
    3. Ensuing “after shock” coming from vehicle landing, know as “slam down“.
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