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Raytheon – Delivering Sensitive Missiles Across the Globe, Ready for Deployment

The Challenge

  • Raytheon manufactures the Standard Missile 3 (SM‐3) for the U.S. Navy.
  • Final assembly is completed in Arkansas and then the missiles ship to a storage depot in the Pacific.
  • Needed proven measurement device that could monitor every SM‐3 during shipment to ensure they arrived safely.

Raytheon Standard Missile 3 (SM‐3).

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SAVER 3M30 Plus and rocket launch.

The Solution

  • Raytheon placed SAVER 3M30’s on every SM‐3 that’s fully assembled and each is monitored during its deployment to their storage depot in the Pacific.
  • SAVER 3M30’s monitor the movement of the SM‐3s to assure that predetermined fragility levels are not exceeded during transport.
  • Once the SM‐3’s arrive at their depot, the SAVER 3M30’s attached to them are configured for long‐term monitoring during storage.
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