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U.S. Army – Simulating Lateral Energy Associated with IED Explosions

The Challenge

  • The US Army needed outside expertise in delivering a horizontal impact test system which could simulate the horizontal energy associated with IED explosions in a controlled laboratory environment.

Simulated IED explosion.Military vehicle driving in front of an explosion.

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Crash dummy on Horizontal Impact Test System.Horizontal Impact Test System for simulating IED explosions.

The Solution

  • The 91 HITS is a two sled design–an impact sled and a test sled. The impact sled  is pneumatically fired into the test sled.
  • Impact velocity changes as high as 34 mph (15 m/s) and accelerations upwards of 500g.
  • Impact energy sufficient to throw a 250 lb. (113 kg.) soldier nearly four stories (38 ft. / 12 m) into the air.
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