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Case Study – HVAC Manufacturer Needs Super-Sized Vibration Equipment

The Challenge

  • HVAC systems are large and sophisticated pieces of hardware with critical components and sub-assemblies beneath their simple, attractive covers.
  • To deliver on the promise of reliability and quick, trouble-free installations, Goodman realized the need to both build and verify product quality and reliability through good testing practices.
  • Goodman approached Lansmont with a request for the largest vibration test system ever assembled in our facilities and we delivered!




The Solution

  • With a 160 inch x 102 inch table and fidelity out to 300 Hz., the Goodman 28000 Vibration Test System is a hot performer with a way-cool appearance!
  • By strategically using their 28000 Vibration Test System, Goodman is able to build quality into their products, and further verify inherent quality through proper testing.
  • Goodman also designed environmentally responsible performance packaging to make sure their products arrive safely and securely at their customers’ sites, ready for quick, trouble-free installations.
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