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Case Study – Lansmont Cushion Testers Deliver ASTM D1596 Results

The Challenge

  • ASTM D1596 is a test method for determining the dynamic shock cushioning characteristics of different types or densities of packaging materials.
  • The cushion test procedure requires dropping a guided platen assembly onto a motionless sample of cushion material.
  • The impact generates an acceleration vs. time data plot which is used for evaluating shock cushioning performance.

Man dropping packages.

Yellow line page break.

Shock cushion curves.

The Solution

  • The Model 23 Cushion Tester is a unique test system designed for evaluating the impact performance of cushioning materials.
  • The user can easily vary the impact platen mass and drop height to simulate different static loadings and impact velocities.
  • Lansmont Model 23 Cushion Tester performs testing in accordance with ASTM D1596.
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