Measurement vs Monitoring Defined

Environmental data recorders are powerful tools that can help address challenges associated with moving products through the supply chain. By strategically deploying these instruments within the supply chain, users can establish a clear understanding as to the overall hazards present. The instruments can also be used to identify if, when, and where those hazards violate not-to-exceed critical thresholds.

Lansmont SAVER™ Shock and Vibration Field Instruments incorporate performance that delivers those metrics. We classify SAVER products into two categories; Measurement and Monitoring Instruments.

How Bad Is It Out There?

Products are protected during transport by Packaging. What type and how much packaging you need is determined in part, by first setting the performance bar – using environmental data acquired from within the supply chain. Measurement Instruments provide the ability to record nearly everything that occurs during a transport journey. Lansmont Measurement Instruments store up to tens of thousands of measured events, which can be used to clearly assess, characterize, and define various environments. Concise summaries of this data are used to set the bar, or establish the rules from a “how bad is it going to get?” transport perspective.

SAVER 9X30 Data Recorder

Get Right to the Point!

Monitoring Instruments provide a comparably simpler role – Eliminate uncertainty. The compelling rationale for Monitoring shipments of product is to remove any doubt that shipments may have experienced potentially damaging events during transport. Instead of recording everything that takes place, these Instruments record only when exceptions to the rule are exceeded. For instance, if your product can handle no more than 20 g’s with 150 in/sec of velocity change, then you may only need to know if and when those key thresholds are exceeded during transport. If so, where did it happen, and how did it happen? Information from Lansmont Monitoring Instruments provide critical, accurate information, which can be used to address liability and incident resolution.

SAVER AM Asset Monitor

Measure vs. monitor video.