NEW Heavyweight Drop Tester: PDT 700

Lansmont is introducing a new heavyweight drop tester to our product line–the PDT 700 Precision Drop Tester. Similar in appearance to our PDT 227 drop tester, the PDT 700 can handle payloads up to 1540 lbs. (700 kg). The standard carriage is 62 in. (157 cm) long, ideal for accomodating large footprint test items. The PDT 700 is a nice addition to our drop tester product line and was developed to provide our customers with a safe and efficient testing platform for simulating the impacts and drops that occur during transport and distribution of heavy cargo.

The PDT 700 can perform drop tests per ASTM, ISTA, and ISO standards. All operation of the drop tester including selecting the desired drop height is accomplished via handheld controller. It is possible to perform drop tests from as low as 1 in. (2.5 cm) up to a maximum drop height of 48 in. (122 cm). An Edge and Corner Holding fixture is included to assist with orienting large, bulky items for testing. Oversized or custom E&C fixtures are available for special drop testing applications.

If you would like to learn more about the PDT 700 Precision Drop Tester specifications and testing capabilities, please contact me for more information.

PDT 700 Heavyweight Precision Drop Tester