Package Testing at UPS and FedEx Labs

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. For many Americans, once they are done stuffing themselves with turkey (and likely after a short nap), their attention turns to holiday shopping. Black Friday deals are already in full swing and we’ll all be back to the office on Monday to get caught up…on our Internet shopping.

FedEx and UPS logos.Santa’s job gets a little busier every year. He sure isn’t getting any younger and rumor has it the reindeer have unionized. Luckily the good folks at UPS and FedEx are there to pick up the slack for delivering holiday gifts.

FedEx packaging services.FedEx and UPS need more than one magical night to deliver all of your orders. It may take them a few days, but they will get those special gifts to you safely and securely. The “magic” behind delivering undamaged goods on such a large scale is…PACKAGE TESTING!

Check out the below links to learn more about their respective package testing labs, and how they’re using Lansmont Test Systems to deliver their professional services: