Package Testing Seminar in Shanghai

David Jin of Lansmont.On April 12, Lansmont and SGS will be offering a Package Testing Seminar in Shanghai. The half day format will feature two presenters with well over 30 years of combined experience in reliability and package testing. David Jin, Lansmont’s Asia sales and service manager, will be talking about Lansmont’s Field-to-Lab approach to package testing–intelligently defining the shipping and handling conditions using real world data and incorporating that information into your package testing and design process. Tonny Yu, a senior testing engineer from SGS Shanghai, will be discussing the testing services they provide to their customers including some actual case studies.
Package testing solutions.
The Package Testing Seminar will be held at SGS Shanghai and the event will include a tour of their facilities, including the test laboratory. Registration for this event is free. If you would be interested in learning more about how product and package testing benefits your company’s reputation and bottom line, please contact us to register in advance.