Peace of Mind with the Vibration Actuator Swap Program

Did you know – we have a special service program available to our vibration customers?

Vibration actuator.Rather than allowing you to experience downtime from normal maintenance and repair – we’ll replace your actuator! Think of it as a car dealership that provides a loaner while your car goes into the shop – except you get to keep the new car!

For maintenance work, we’ll schedule in advance and replace your actuator with a refurbished unit from our stock as part of the Actuator Swap Program. This allows us to fully remanufacture and certify the actuators on our own time – instead of yours. With this approach we’ll pre-ship an actuator to your site and our folks will show up to install it. Your equipment is down for only a matter of hours.

In the unlikely event you experience an unforeseen issue that we can’t schedule in advance, the Actuator Swap Program provides the quickest path to a fully functional system. It really just takes the time necessary to ship the replacement item and schedule our service personnel to install it.

If you’d like to learn more about using the Actuator Swap Program with your next vibration system service, contact Doug Hays for more information.