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PDT 700 drop test system.

Drop test handheld control.

PDT 700 Precision Drop Tester

The PDT 700 facilitates precision drop testing of large test items weighing up to 1540 lbs. (700 kg). Similar to the PDT 300 design, the larger PDT 700 utilizes a welded steel drop carriage, guided by precision bearing assemblies on a structural steel guide beam. A hoist system raises and lowers the drop carriage to easily and safely move heavy test items. The drop carriage is pulled downward during a drop test, allowing the test item to free fall. When the drop carriage descends into slots below the impact surface, a hydraulic damper and elastomer strips at the bottom of the slots prevent rebound of the drop carriage into the test item.

The standard drop carriage can fit test items with a front-to-back dimension up to 79.5 in. (202 cm). The standard drop height range allows testing up to 48 in. (122 cm). A foundation kit or steel baseplate is available with the PDT 700.

The PDT 700 is operated by handheld controller. It lets you easily set drop height, move the drop carriage up and down, and perform the drop test functions. With safety in mind, it requires two-hand operation to initiate the drop sequence.

Product Features Highlights
  • Spring-loaded pulley design helps to accelerate carriage downward, away from test item during a drop sequence. The system is designed and factory-verified to perform extremely accurate, flat drop testing that exceeds industry standards, such as ASTM D5276.
  • Handheld control, allowing for positioning of the drop assembly, triggering of the drop sequence, and resetting of the drop platen.
  • Edge & corner fixture, allowing controlled drop orientations of DUT.
  • Electric hoist, providing automatic positioning of drop assembly with DUT.
Product Specification Highlights

Max Payload:  1540 lbs. (700 kg)

Max Item Size (Front/Back):  79.5 in. (202 cm)

Product Options Highlights
  • Extended carriages for larger test items.
  • Steel baseplates, eliminating the need for special concrete foundations.
  • Test Partner data acquisition.

Complete product details available on downloadable specification sheet.

Extended Carriage

Drop tester extended carriage diagram.

Steel Base Foundation

Steel base drop tester foundation.

Test Partner DAQ

Test Partner device.

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