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TouchTest compression software.

TouchTest Compression 3

TouchTest Compression 3 (TTC3), the latest version of our TouchTest Compression control system, adds many new and powerful features. The control software makes it extremely simple  to setup standard compression tests while also providing a high level of programmability for creating custom test profiles.  TTC3 offers a full range of testing capabilities including:

  • Constant Deflection Rate
  • Ramp to Load and Release
  • Stacking Simulation
  • Deflection Profile

The TTC3 controller comes in a benchtop version, which includes a desktop computer, display monitor, system interface, and all interconnecting cables. A TTC3 controller is included with all new Model 122 and Model 152 orders and is easily retrofitted to upgrade any existing Lansmont Compression Testers.

Product Features
  • Constant Deflection Rate, Ramp to Load and Release, Stacking Simulation, and Deflection Profile test capabilities
  • Integrated HPS sequencing
  • Windows™ simplicity
  • Network ready
  • Easily upgradeable to existing machines

Complete product details available on downloadable specification sheet.

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