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Model 152-50 compression tester.

152-30 Compression Tester

The Model 152-30 is a servo-hydraulic compression tester designed to evaluate the compressive strength of individual shipping containers as well as larger pallets, unit loads, and large bulk containers. The Model 152-30 utilizes Lansmont’s TouchTest Compression 3 controller which provides the versatility to perform standard compression tests while also accommodating more complex user defined Load and Deflection Profiles that better simulate real world stacking conditions.

The standard system has a platen size that is 60 in. (152 cm) square with a maximum opening of 84 in. (213 cm). Optional extended platens and larger openings are available to accommodate larger test items. Maximum force capability is 30,000 lbs. (133 kN).

The Model 152-30 can be installed on any reinforced concrete floor (ground level recommended). The low profile baseplate design makes it easier and safer to load and unload large test items.

Product Features Highlights
  • TouchTest Control software, providing Constant Deflection Rate, Ramp to Load and Release, Stacking Simulation, and Deflection profile test modes.
  • Top-load force application, providing a more realistic simulation.
  • Low-profile baseplate, adding convenience when loading and unloading test specimens from the machine.
Product Specification Highlights

Max Force:  30,000 lbs. (133 kN)

Platen Size:  60 in. x 60 in. (152 cm x 152 cm)

Max Opening:  84 in. (213 cm)

Product Options Highlights
  • Fixed/floating platen, providing the ability to either lock the platen during testing, or allow it to swivel as the test item deforms and/or fails.
  • Package test stand, allowing a more convenient testing surface for smaller, individual package tests.
  • Over-sized platens for larger test items.
  • Low range load platform, allowing an integrated higher-resolution load cell to be used for testing of smaller packages and test items.
  • Integrated temperature & humidity sensor, documenting the atmospheric conditions as the testing occurs.

Complete product details available on downloadable specification sheet.

Fixed/Floating Platen

Compression tester fixed/floating platen.

Package Test Stand

Package compression test stand.

Low Range Load Platform

Package compression tester low range load platform.

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