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Lansmont Shock Test Systems

Shock Test Systems & Solutions

Shock tests accurately measure the fragility of products and evaluate how they respond to specific shock inputs. Shock test data is key information when determining if your product is capable of withstanding its intended distribution and use environment. For any mechanical shock testing application, Lansmont builds a Shock Test System to meet your needs.

Equipment Selection Considerations

Lansmont provides shock testing equipment ranging in both size and performance capability.  To help guide interested customers, we’ve put together a list of key considerations that help select the most appropriate shock test system.

Equipment selection considerations - size and performance.

Standard Shock Systems

Lansmont Standard Shock Systems are capable of performing half sine, trapezoidal and sawtooth shock pulse waveforms. Table sizes range from as small as 6 in. (15. 2 cm) up to 60 in. (152 cm). The Standard Series models are the original shock system designs that Lansmont has been supplying for decades to labs across the globe.

Standard shock test system

High Performance Shock Systems

As technology evolves, so do the test methods needed to confirm durability and reliability.  Lansmont has developed two categories of shock systems–Performance and High Speed–that cater to the demand for higher performance test systems.  These models facilitate shock testing applications that require increased performance capabilities including:

  • Heavier payloads
  • Higher acceleration shock pulses
  • Shorter duration half sine shock pulses
  • Increased impact velocity (velocity change)

Models are available in a wide range of table sizes. Additional features include Acceleration Kits, Low Frequency or Floating Seismic Bases, and custom table designs.

HXX15M shock test system.

High Cycle Shock Systems

Certain reliability and fatigue testing requirements call for hundreds, if not thousands of consecutive shock impacts to be performed on test items. Cycle time is of utmost importance in order to perform these shock test evaluations more efficiently and in less time. High Cycle Shock Systems are built specifically for these types of repetitive shock protocols including those specified by JEDEC for testing of electronic circuit boards.

Model HC23 shock test system.

Horizontal Shock Systems

Horizontal Impact Test Systems (HITS) simulate the horizontal shock effects of rail switching, truck docking, and other types of horizontal impacts. HITS can also replicate the dynamics that a transported load experiences when vehicles are accelerating, braking, and turning.  Specialized HITS are capable of replicating much higher energy events such as the horizontal impacts associated with crash or explosive events.

Horizontal impact test system.

TouchTest Shock Controller

TouchTest Shock (TTS) is designed specifically with test efficiency and ease of use in mind. From a small, high-resolution LCD touch screen, the user can perform the initial setup and test initiation quickly and easily. Simple touch screen menus enable the user to make convenient adjustments to machine settings and to provide total control of the Lansmont Shock Test System during operation.

TouchTest Shock Controller.

Test Partner™ 4

TEST PARTNER 4 (TP4) is the latest generation shock data acquisition system designed to capture and analyze dynamic events where high frequency bandwidth is required. TP4 features fast data sample rates, configurable analog channels (to support IEPE sensors or perform event detection), and high channel count capabilities, giving you versatility to perform data acquisition for complex testing applications.

Test Partner 4 shock and vibration data acquisition device.

Custom Engineered Solutions

In addition to our standard product offerings, Lansmont designs and manufactures custom shock test systems to meet customers’ unique requirements.  Over the years we’ve delivered numerous impressive, custom testing solutions for our customers and we’d like to share a few of those examples.

Custom-engineered shock test system.

Shock System Videos

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