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HS15 / HS30

The High Speed series Models HS15 to HS30 Speed Shock Test Systems are outfitted with table acceleration boost systems capable of quadrupling the machine’s free-fall velocity change capability. Designed to accommodate smaller test items, this series can handle items weighing up to 250 lbs. (113 kg) with specimen dimensions up to 11.8 in. x 16.0 in (30 cm x 40.6 cm). This series of shock test systems incorporate a suspended seismic reaction mass with integrated impact surface. The reaction mass is isolated from the floor to help attenuate any shock energy that would otherwise be transmitted to the surrounding building . These systems are outfitted with Lansmont’s TouchTest™ Shock Control System for ease of operation. This series provides a maximum velocity change of 120 ft/sec (36.6 m/sec) with peak acceleration up to 10,000 g and durations as short as 0.2 msec. With optional programmers this series can be equipped to generate half-sine, trapezoidal and terminal peak sawtooth shock pulse waveforms.

Product Features Highlights
  • Full Waveform Recorder
  • User-Programmable Trigger Threshold
  • Pre-Trigger Recording (so you know what happened before the event took place)
  • 30-Day Continuous Event Recorder
  • Shock LED Indicator
  • Push button, delayed start or instantaneous activation
  • USB connectivity for communication and instrument power for continuous, non-interrupted operations
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Utilizes SaverXware Software for Setup, Communication and Data Analysis
  • Small footprint and form-factor allows embedding within the product and/or package system
Product Specification Highlights

Table Size: From 5.9″ x 4″ (15 cm x 10 cm) to 11.8 in. x 16 in. (30 cm x 40.6 cm) Capacity: 250 lbs. (113 kg) Positioning: Electric hoist lift system Brakes: Standard Air Pressure brakes – Oil Amplified Brakes  

Product Options Highlights
  • External Power for Extended Run-Time
  • Mounting Kits Including Magnets and other Attachment Hardware
  • Data Analysis Services

Complete product details available on downloadable specification sheet.

Magnetic Mount


Data Analysis Services


External Power Options


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