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HXX15M shock test system.

HSX20 Shock Test System

The HSX20 Shock Test System can generate higher energy impacts with velocity changes up to 150 ft./sec (45.7 m/sec). The HSX20 can be equipped with optional shock pulse programmers to generate a wide range of short duration half sine and terminal peak sawtooth shock pulses.

The HSX20 is furnished with a TouchTest Shock 2 Controller. TTS2 makes shock testing safe and easy. TTS2 communicates seamlessly with Test Partner Data Acquisition Systems.

Product Features
  • TouchTest Shock 2 Controller for easy and safe operation
  • Forged aluminum table design for generating high acceleration shock pulses
  • Acceleration Kit to increase velocity change performance
  • Electric hoist lifting and positioning system enables precise drop repeatability
  • Floating Seismic Base to limit the shock energy that transmits to the floor
  • Full range of applications training programs available
  • Worldwide Customer Service department
Product Specification Highlights

TABLE DIMENSIONS:  8.0 x 8.0 in. (20.3 x 20.3 cm)


 MAX VELOCITY CHANGE:  75 – 150 ft./sec (22.9 – 45.7 m/sec)

 MAX PAYLOAD:  250 lbs. (113 kg)

Product Option Highlights
  • Customized table mounting patterns available
  • Dual Mass Shock Amplifiers to generate extremely high acceleration levels (10,000g+)
  • Additional Shock Pulse Programmers for short and long duration half sine, trapezoidal, and terminal peak sawtooth shock pulses
  • Test Partner Data Acquisition and instrumentation for data collection and analysis

Complete product details available on downloadable specification sheet.

TouchTest Controller

TouchTest Shock Controller.

Test Partner™ Data Acquisition

Lansmont Test Partner 4 shock data acquisition device.

Support Services

Engineer in high-vis vest calibrating shock equipment.

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