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Model 65/81D Shock Test System.

Model 65/81D Shock Test System

The Model 65/81D Shock Test System includes a special Low Impulse Kit for more precise performance when generating low energy shock pulses. Low level shock tests are commonly used for operational qualification testing. To also accommodate higher energy shock tests, The Model 65/81D comes standard with extended drop height. The additional distance the table has to accelerate during free fall increases the impact velocity, resulting in about 10% more velocity change performance than the standard Model 65/81.

The Model 65/81D is outfitted with a TouchTest Shock 2 Table Top Control Console. TTS2 communicates seamlessly with Test Partner Data Acquisition Systems to provide the complete controller and data acquisition package.

Product Features
  • TouchTest Shock 2 Controller for easy and safe operation
  • Cast aluminum table design to produce high quality shock pulses
  • Damage Boundary Programmer for generating 2 msec half sine and trapezoidal shock pulses
  • Electric hoist lifting and positioning system enables precise drop repeatability
  • Extended drop height for increase velocity change performance
  • Low Impulse Kit for extended low level testing capability
  • Low frequency Seismic Base to limit the shock energy that transmits to the floor
  • Full range of applications training programs available
  • Worldwide Customer Service department
Product Specification Highlights

TABLE DIMENSIONS:  25.6 x 31.9 in. (65 x 81 cm)


MAX VELOCITY CHANGE:  26.6 ft./sec (8.1 m/sec)

MAX PAYLOAD:  500 lbs. (227 kg)

Product Option Highlights
  • Customized table mounting patterns available
  • Dual Mass Shock Amplifiers to generate extremely high acceleration levels (10,000g+)
  • Hold Down Fixtures for securing test items
  • Additional Shock Pulse Programmers for long duration half sine and terminal peak sawtooth shock pulses
  • Opposing Force Gas Programmers for longer duration half sine shock pulses (30+ msec)
  • Test Partner Data Acquisition and instrumentation for data collection and analysis

Complete product details available on downloadable specification sheet.

TouchTest Controller

TouchTest Shock Controller.

Test Partner™ Data Acquisition

Lansmont Test Partner 4 shock data acquisition device.

Support Services

Engineer in high-vis vest calibrating shock equipment.

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