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TouchTest Shock 2 (TTS2) - front view.

TouchTest Shock 2 (TTS2) - rear view.

TouchTest Shock 2

TouchTest Shock 2 (TTS2) is designed specifically with test efficiency and ease of use in mind. From a small, high-resolution LCD touch screen, the user can perform the initial setup and test initiation quickly and easily. Simple touch screen menus enable the user to make convenient adjustments to machine settings and to provide total control of the Lansmont Shock Test System during operation.

TTS2 communicates seamlessly with Test Partner Data Acquisition Systems. Test Partner includes powerful analysis tools such as Shock Response Spectrum (SRS) analysis, FFT analysis, shock response animation in both 2D and 3D modes, Shock Response analysis with programmable model Fn and damping, and tolerance band overlays with selectable MIL-STD and programmable pulse parameters.

Product Features
  • One-button operation to reduce test cycle time
  • Auto cycle control mode, allowing drop cycles up to 32,000 drops
  • Shock pulse estimator function to set up machine based on desired shock pulse
  • Programmable safety interlocks to ensure a safe working environment
  • Digital drop height rand pressure control for optimal pulse accuracy and repeatability
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