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Lansmont TP3 ETC

When you are ready to step up to the big leagues, TP3-etc has the features to get the job done. TP3-etc adds Extended Transient Computations to allow you to explore the finer details of shock events.

Test Partner 3 is a powerful combination of software and hardware specifically tailored to capture and analyze transient shock events. It can acquire up to sixteen channels of acceleration data simultaneously from shock, drop, or any kind of impact events.

Flexible Data output, Print to Paper, PDF, Export to Word, or Publish to the Web.

Keep your colleges or customers in the loop. Instantly share your data across the hall or across the world with Publish to the Web. TP3etc-Demo.htm

Product Specification

Features: Shock Response Spectra
Shock Response – Time domain Display
Ideal Waveform – with SRS Target and Tolerance
SRS Visualizer
Force / Deflection / Energy
Rotational Shock
Portability: Works with your USB equipped notebook or PC in the field or in the lab
Complete: Direct connection of voltage mode accelerometers and instrumentation…
no additional signal conditioning hardware required.
Performance: 16 Bits, 1 Mhz Sampling

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