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TP# LITE is the ideal companion for the package designer needing to verify drop/shock performance of their designs. The elegance of simplicity with the features you will need to get the job done with confidence.

Flexible Data output, Print to Paper, PDF, Export to Word, or Publish to the Web.

Keep your colleges or customers in the loop. Instantly share your data across the hall or across the world with Publish to the Web.

Product Specification

Features: Automatic or fixed scale displays
Automatic extended analysis according to user preference
Triaxial resultant from any 3 active channels
Deflection vs. time analysis
Publish to the Web
Portability: Works with your USB equipped notebook or PC in the field or in the lab
Complete: Direct connection of voltage mode accelerometers and instrumentation…
no additional signal conditioning hardware required.
Performance: 16 Bits, 1 Mhz Sampling


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