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Lansmont Corporation designs, manufactures, and provides comprehensive Field-to-Lab® measurement and test solutions that help responsible personnel confidently deliver Rail and Intermodal cargo free of transport damage.

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Field Measurement

SAVER™ Shock And Vibration Environmental Data Recorders produce high-fidelity, quantifiable data and analytics that are used to assess and confidently characterize the potential hazards in the transport environments. The battery powered SAVERs can operate autonomously for extended periods of time, allowing the complete monitoring and measurement of cross-continental rails shipments, as well as global intermodal shipments. Their small footprints allow them to be unobtrusively attached to the transport vehicle/container, the cargo, or both simultaneously.

SAVERs allow for the capture and reporting of:

  • Shock/Impact
  • Drop
  • Vibration
  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Atmospheric Pressure (altitude)
  • GPS
  • Light
  • Tilt/Orientation
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Laboratory Testing and Simulation

Shunting and coupling – buff, draft, and jerks. All words that describe dynamic inputs – all of which pose potential damage in the rail transport supply chain. The best way to prevent transport cargo damage is to perform controlled, repeatable laboratory transport testing and simulation. Seeing is believing – validating transport packaging and load securement solutions provides documentable, defendable evidence as to the performance of load securement solution. Lansmont offers a comprehensive suite of laboratory test and simulation equipment that can be used to validate transport packaging designs and load securement solutions. Lansmont test systems can be used to perform common, and effective industry (ASTM, ISTA, ISO, etc.) standards. When customers need to perform testing that’s closer to reality, measured transport data from our SAVERs can be used to drive laboratory testing and simulation on our durable equipment.

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Field-to-Lab® Professional Services

Lansmont offers expert field measurement and laboratory testing consultative services and support. Years of experience allows our experts to confidently measure, analyze and report on transport environments, while also allowing us to recommend representative and meaningful laboratory testing and simulation.

Improve test validity with Field-to-Lab.
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