SaverXware Tech Tips: Selecting Relevant Data

SaverXware’s Summary Selector is a great tool for fine tuning the event population you wish to analyze.

A common task is to de-select ultra low level events from the data population when generating a vibration summary. The most common events of this type are Timer Triggered Events collected when a package or vehicle is not moving. This is great information because it’s a positive indication of inactivity – which can be very useful for other purposes – but in the case of the vibration summary we want to focus the times of activity when things are actually happening. To accomplish this – the low level information is generally not included in the event population when analyzing to create a vibration profile.

SaverXware vibration event display.

In the Analysis View – Event Table window, click the Summary menu at the top of the page. Click on Summary Selector in the drop down menu. The Summary Selector window gives you several options for searching within the Timer and Signal Trigger Events in your data file(s). You have the option to SELECT or DESELECT events based upon a searchable criteria. For this example, we will use the DESELECT approach:

Summary selection screen in SaverXware.• Dynamic level is the easiest way to distinguish between events of interest and the periods of inactivity. To remove the Timer Triggered Events which represent idle motion, we will remove data that is Less Than or Equal To a specified level. For vibration events, we measure the level in Grms. For this example, we’ll consider anything less than or Equal To 0.04 Grms to be irrelevant.

• Click Add to include this dynamic criterion in the box near the bottom of the window. (Note: The Summary Selector will allow you to add additional criteria to build a more complex search case and target in upon a very specific set of events. For the sake of this article, we’ll only focus on removing the low intensity events.)

• Click Run to begin search. All events that meet the DESELECT criteria will be “De-Selected” and therefore removed from the summary report. This is a process that you can perform for every data file that you record. For vibration analyses, removing the periods of inactivity from your summarized PSD is an important step – and one you’ll want to do each and every time.