SGS and Lansmont Success in Shanghai

Lansmont and SGS delivered a Package Testing Seminar at SGS’s Shanghai offices. Thirty-eight professionals from a wide cross-section of industry attended the informative event. The seminar included presentations from experienced professionals with well over 30 years of combined experience in reliability and package testing. David Jin, Lansmont’s Asia sales and service manager, provided an informative overview of Lansmont’s Field-to-Lab approach to package testing–intelligently defining the shipping and handling conditions using real world data and incorporating that information into your package testing and design process. Tonny Yu, a senior testing engineer from SGS Shanghai, discussed the testing services they provide to their customers including some actual case studies.

Participants included individuals from Honda, Best Buy, Baxter, Unilever, Kohler, International Paper, OBI, Kingfisher, True Value and more. Representatives from Honda-China, Kohler, OBI and Outlook International all presented and participated in discussions related to current challenges and trends associated with their distribution, as well as their directly-related testing activities.

Attendees toured the SGS facilties, gaining insight into SGS’s unique and comprehensive testing capabilities, including Lansmont products, like our 10000-10 vibration test system.

Package Testing Seminar at SGS’s Shanghai offices.