Shock Opposing Force Gas Programmer

Lansmont has designed an innovative new accessory for our Shock Test Systems, called the Opposing Force Gas Programmer (OFGP). This assembly, which bolts directly to the bottom of our shock system tables, allows for a wide range of targeted half-sine shock pulses without requiring any physical adjustments of the hardware itself. Users simply program both the targeted pulse amplitude and duration directly into Lansmont TouchTest Shock controls and the OFGP automatically adjusts its own operating parameters accordingly. Lansmont’s OFGP helps remove the trial and error from shock test setup, making laboratory efforts much simpler, efficient and repeatable.

Opposing Force Gas Programmer (OFGP) with performance plot.

Most mid-to-large shock test systems can be retrofitted with our OFGP, providing a new range of performance and utility. If you’re interested in upgrading an existing system, please contact Peter Brown for more information.