Simple Health Monitoring

Simple Health Monitoring is a software tool Lansmont developed to quickly identify any field data that exceeds critical package/product acceleration levels. The user can define acceleration warning and alarm limits for each channel of the SAVER™ based on fragility limits or engineering requirements.

Simple health monitoring - channel limits screen.For the SAVER™ 3X90, 3D15, 3M30, and 3M30+ models, you can label the three internal channels and define the acceleration criteria for each. When using the SAVER™ 9X30 with external channels enabled, all nine channels are incorporated into the Simple Health Monitoring analysis.

Simple health monitor peak acceleration table.Once the warning and alarm acceleration limits are defined, the data you collect can be quickly compared to the pre-defined limits. A table is generated defining the peak acceleration levels measured by each channel enabled for recording. Green boxes are displayed for channels with acceptable levels, listing the number of events. Yellow boxes are displayed with the number of events which exceeded warning level criteria. Red boxes display the number of events which exceeded the pre-defined alarm level.

Simple health monitor report.Some product and package systems are temperature critical shipments. In addition to the dynamic health monitoring criteria, Simple Health Monitoring software can also define an acceptable temperature range. The report generated will reference the observed temperatures, with minimum and maximum values displayed. The report will also indicate the observed times within specific temperature ranges.

Would this type of software tool be beneficial to your company’s monitoring program? This optional software and reporting function is available through our Data Analysis Center. For questions, or more information about our Simple Health Monitoring software, please feel free to contact me directly!.