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Supply Chain Hazard Awareness

Monitoring vs. Measurement

When moving products through the supply chain, it’s important to understand the climatic and dynamic hazards present within that system. Those hazards possess a variety of damage potential. Quantifying those hazards provides the criteria you need to facilitate effective package-product designs. Once you start to move those valuable products throughout the supply chain, it’s critically important to know if any of those defined hazard thresholds are exceeded. Knowing when, where and exactly what happened can make all the difference when assessing overall liability and remediation.

In this webinar, we’ll provide an overview of Field Data Loggers and their key performance characteristics. We’ll describe the difference between Monitoring and Measurement instruments, while providing real-world examples of both applications, as implemented by both brand owners, and standards organizations.

What we’ll discuss:
•    Field Data Loggers – performance capabilities
•    Why Monitor?
•    Why Measure?
•    Monitoring case study
•    Measurement case studies and examples

Who should attend?
•    Product and packaging design engineers
•    Damage Prevention personnel
•    Supply Chain and Logistics personnel

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