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Field-to-Lab® Custom Professional Services

Field-to-Lab Professional Services is a helping hand.

If you are making design decisions about product durability or protective packaging to improve in-transit and in-use performance of your company’s products, you are likely being asked to do more with fewer resources.  If you need a helping hand with unfamiliar or infrequently conducted tests, or more comprehensive help to design, analyze, and summarize test and measurement results, we can give you the support you need to make decisions you can trust.


Knowledge for hire, with results you can trust.

Field-to-Lab (FTL) expertise is a comprehensive professional service, providing experienced and expert field measurement studies, data analysis and test specification development. Outsourcing the responsibility to Lansmont’s Field-to-Lab Professional Services increases your decision-making confidence, reduces your risk, and frees you to tackle other important challenges with your time. Trusting Lansmont will increase the validity of your testing, the value of your data, and the usefulness of your results. We give you the confidence to make decisions that improve products, packages and your future.


The turnkey solution to managing data –  ask an expert.

Field-to-Lab Professional Services specialists are experts at acquiring, analyzing, and summarizing data; if you need help defining parameters or protocols, we can help. Our specialists are experienced at filtering and interpreting relevant information – so you can be entirely confident in their ability to provide unambiguous, defensible decisions from collected data. When you know more, with the certainty and confidence of Lansmont experience and expertise, it’s easy to identify the right course of action.


In an unfamiliar test environment, let Lansmont lead the way.

Variety may be the spice of life, but it also increases the risk within testing. Going into unfamiliar territory increases complexity and difficulty in test design and interpretation. So trust Lansmont to take you safely in and out of the unknown.    Field-to-Lab Professional Services specialists are managing measurement studies and evaluating results all day, every day. From their breadth of experience, and disciplined expertise, Lansmont specialists have already navigated the most complex test environments, so you can trust your project to Lansmont.


Improve test validity and save time.

 Your field data can be seamlessly uploaded to Lansmont, where our expert specialists begin event verification and analysis.  They will summarize the crucial shock and vibration events, define and trend temperature and humidity extremes, create representative shock and vibration summaries and eliminate insignificant data and false events.  In about a week, you will receive a comprehensive report with a clear and certified recommendation based on Lansmont’s expert analysis of measurement results.


Testing for the real world. 

While industry testing standards developed by ISTA, ISO and ASTM are useful, many manufacturers consider them too general, and prefer to develop test specifications uniquely applicable to their product. Field-to-Lab Professional Services can create customized test specifications for your product, transported in its known, real-world environment.   After all, the best way to reduce risk and uncertainty, and objectively develop optimized product and packaging solutions, is to ensure your laboratory test standards model the risk to your product in its actual environment.


Go or no-go? Pass or fail?

 Lansmont understands you need valid, defensible, trustworthy evidence to make decisions in the complicated package and transport environment.  Our specialists certify their answers so you can proceed with confidence.  Our summary report removes measurement ambiguity and clearly communicates the results and implications of the data evaluation along with specific, actionable conclusions.  WIth a lot riding on what the data means, a Lansmont specialist provides objective, independent, authoritative analysis you can trust.

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