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Lansmont Operator Training Programs

Achieving Lansmont Equipment Operator Certification provides hands-on training to give you an edge. You’ll develop practical skills to be productive with confidence and get the most from your test equipment. Basic Equipment Operator Certification teaches your employees how to safely and effectively operate and maintain test equipment. They will learn the sources of dynamic hazards and how they can use Lansmont test systems to protect their products against those hazards. Ultimately, the goal is to add more value and greater confidence to your company’s testing function. Companies with quality programs will appreciate Lansmont’s ability to transfer knowledge and help participants meet quality requirements.

Increase your working knowledge

  • Basic dynamics and associated environmental hazards.
  • Product fragility (critical acceleration, resonance, structural loading).
  • Test equipment/system overview.
  • Basic equipment and software operation.
  • Proper system setup and test selection.
  • Specimen mounting, fixturing and monitoring.
  • Common, relevant industry test standards.
  • Safety concerns and requirements.
  • Preventative maintenance and calibration requirements.

Test Partner™ courses address drop and shock data acquisition, focusing on proper pre-acquisition setup and post-acquisition analysis.

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