Trends in Distribution Simulation Testing

Lansmont’s Eric Joneson is on the Editorial Board of a new online packaging science publication, International Journal of Advanced Packaging Technology. The current issue features an article that Eric authored, titled Trends in Distribution Simulation Testing.

Here is the article abstract:
Packaged-product distribution simulation tests are most effective when the damage assessment made from actual supply chain and after laboratory testing achieves high correlation. In order to create effective distribution tests, clear understanding of the distribution environment must be developed and documented. This can be achieved by “walking the system”; making direct observations from within various distribution channels. Challenges associated with thorough and complete supply chain access limits the overall effectiveness of walking the system. One way to address those challenges is to use non-intrusive portable data recorders that can travel within the global supply chain, measuring critical distribution hazards such as shock, vibration, compression, temperature, humidity and other valuable information. This article details trends associated with the growth of advanced simulation testing based upon measured data from within the supply chain.

Man installing a SAVER device.