TruMotion Data Visualizer

Interpreting captured vibration data can often be challenging, especially when acquiring simultaneous multiple degrees of freedom input.

Lansmont’s TruMotion Capture Rig, which uses SAVER 9X products in conjunction with external triaxial accelerometers, captures acceleration data that can be used to drive multi-axis test vibration test equipment. The spatial arrangement of those accelerometers allows for creating not only translational drive inputs (x, y an z), but also rotational drive inputs (pitch, roll and yaw) by understanding the phase relationships between the various channels.

TruMotion™ data collection rig installed in the back of a semi-truck.

Viewing and interpreting all nine channels of data can be intimidating for sure! 

Plot of 9 channels of data collected using TruMotion™ data visualizer.

Lansmont’s TruMotion Data Visualizer facilitates that process. Instead of viewing that data in 2 dimensions, the Visualizer provides an immediate opportunity to see the motion in your data – in multiple degrees of freedom.

Seeing is believing!